Environmental Impact

Evolve Logistics Limited has embraced the ESG goals through our ‘3 R’s slogan ‘Reduce…Reuse…Recycle.’ We respect the concept of an “Evolving service for humanity and the environment. We take responsibility for the environment Protecting our environment is an important corporate goal for Evolve Logistics Limited. In the long run, our economic objectives can only be achieved through sustainable interaction with the environment and reducing emissions that are hazardous to the environment.

We've partnered with manufacturers, government agencies and non-profit organisations to continuously advance our efforts as well as theirs. That is why taking responsibility for the environment is such an essential part of our corporate policy. We can help you measure, manage and mitigate your climate impact without sacrificing productivity.

Social Impact

Evolve Logistics Limited is keen on youth empowerment and supports various football clubs, leagues and tournaments courtesy of CEO Mr. Shem Okottah. Currently there is a long-term partnership between Kibera Lexus Football Club (KLFC), Kenya Football Fans Federation (KEFOFA), Kulundeng' Fiesta Original (KFO) and Wadau Premier League (WDL) Whereas our intention is to mentor these boys to achieve their dreams, we also identify and develop talent from the young players as they come of age.

Our goal is to help them integrate well into the society without ever thinking about life in the streets. Evolve Logistics Limited supports with merchandise including kits, balls, trophies nets, sponsorship as we help them achieve their dreams.