Evolve Logistics Limited has become an important player in the global aerospace supply chain, streamlining the flow of parts, developing relationships with component vendors, and providing comprehensive AOG services. Cargo transportation for the aerospace industry requires careful planning for the safe and timely movement of parts and raw materials as well as the transport of oversize items or AOG cargo such as airframes and engines. In response, supply chain optimization has become a key strategy to speed processes and reduce costs in production, materials movement, maintenance, repair and overhaul operations.

To remain competitive, aerospace companies are choosing to work with logistics providers that can provide them with a more evolved modern supply chain like Evolve Logistics Limited in order to quickly adapt to the demands of the market and seamlessly move cargo across borders.


Evolve Logistics Limited ensures stability, just-in-time delivery, production supply or inventory management – we offer our customers a well-conceived, professional full-service package including everything from procurement logistics to production supply and disposal, warehouse- and aftermarket logistics.

We speak your language when it comes to comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of the automotive industry. Volatile markets and the disruptive shift to e-mobility are creating completely new challenges for global supply chains. It is good that you can rely on a constant


Evolve Logistics Limited makes a difference with our special solutions for the electronics sector. We carry out the logistics processes of these products, which are mostly delicate, with great care and ensure maximum safety. From procurement and protection to the distribution and reuse of hardware, medical devices, and accessories – we have logistics services suitable for your entire value chain. We carry out the transportation process from the beginning to the end in a transparent manner and we offer our customers the opportunity to follow up at every stage.

Sensitive technology calls for careful hands and an infrastructure that protect highly sensitive devices and instruments. With the placement of technology in the centre of our lives, electronic products are needed in almost every field. In the electronics sector, which is under pressure in terms of timing and cost, it is expected to provide cost-effective, fast and effective solutions for manufacturers and suppliers.


Evolve Logistics Limited with close to a decade of operating experience in this specific activity as forwarder and customs broker, we provide professional knowledge of the required documentation, build close relationship with the receiving and handling sheds, customs authorities and phytosanitary inspection of perishables and ministry of fisheries for fish and seafood.

Perishable cargo requires special attention and dedicated services by experts – it’s not just to “ship and forget.” We not only specialize in shipping the goods at the correct temperature, but Evolve Logistics Limited can also assist in obtaining the correct packaging and labeling as well as other crucial details that need to be seen to in transit.

Live Animals

Evolve Logistics Limited offers live animal transport logistics services which are geared toward individuals and breeders wishing to ship their animals in compliance with standards in a safe and healthy environment. Together with health authorities and transporters, our agents coordinate all transportation stages to provide the best possible comfort at very competitive prices. If live animals need to be transported over long distances, airfreight is the best solution with regard to the animals’ well-being. Whether it’s for a move, a commercial sale or simply to enjoy an outdoor sports trip, transporting a pet or livestock can become very stressful if travel time increases.

Besides pets, the most common animals to be transported are domestic e.g cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, horses and birds, but also animals for zoos or agricultural purposes. We do our utmost to ensure optimal transport conditions are met to safeguard your animal’s well-being.Thanks to our knowledge of all the specific rules and regulations we can guarantee a safe and secure transportation.

Fashion & Retail

Evolve Logistics Limited’ has the expertise and capability to support the most complex national or international distribution requirements. Our key strengths in the fast moving world of retail and fashion include adaptability, cost and time.

The Division provides fully tailored and innovative retail logistics’, order fulfilment and garment processing solutions for businesses in the fashion retail and e-commerce sectors. By understanding our customer’s needs in SKU (Stock keeping unit) level detail we are able to manage shipments from time of initial order through to delivery to a distribution center or direct to store cutting lead times and reducing costs.

Oil & Gas

Evolve Logistics Limited has the necessary tools in place to support the operations of its customers. Moving heavy machinery to global parts sourcing, food transport solutions to site Management services and LPG/LNG/Petroleum transport operations with tankers. Our flexibility, project experience and strong relationships with companies associated with the oil and gas industry make us the ideal logistics partner.

Every industry presents unique supply chain, but none is as complex as oil and gas. Transporting equipment and material supply requires special equipment, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures. It often requires multiple modes, and involves everything from supplies for oil rigs to hazardous materials. Our solutions can help to streamline logistics processes, reduce costs, and add value at every phase of client’s supply chain.


Evolve Logistics Limited is a company specialized in providing comprehensive services and logistical operations for businesses and industries with experience in a great many sectors of activity. Our value proposition enables our customers to redirect their focus and effort in the design of their processes, thus increasing their efficiency and relying on Evolve Logistics Limited for the routine operational activities of moving materials in their production units.

Whether you need industrial logistics management to ensure the delivery of inbound raw materials and finished products to end users, or you need industrial transport services for a time-sensitive project, Evolve Logistics Limited will assist you. We have implemented services for an extremely demanding market that meet the requirements of industrial production units. Our operations are carried out mostly on the clients facility or through combined solutions using our premises as well.


Evolve Logistics Limited specializes in pharmaceutical products and health food storage, transshipment and distribution. Having the knowledge and resources to successfully deliver all of your healthcare shipments. We work with you to formulate plans that meet your goals, providing scalable service options and customized shipping solutions for:

            -> Medical Equipment and Devices
            -> Medical Consumables
            -> Reagents
            -> Chemicals

Your goods are shipped globally in the best conditions with regard to temperature, hygiene and safety.

Marine Parts

Evolve Logistics Limited offers its clients a “Door-to-Deck”, “Deck-to-Door” and “Deck-to-Deck” delivery services for ship spare parts & courier, with a skilled supply chain management, warehousing & freight forwarding, ship supply, marine & offshore support, we add efficiency to the entire process. When there is a vessel breakdown it means spare part is needed urgently, you want to remain at ease by partnering with a company that has experience and expertise is in international freight.

We have the experience to make sure that your ship spare parts reach their destinations reliably and on time. It’s all part of a cost-efficient and streamlined process, using the most suitable modes of transport and storage solutions. Our mission is to provide high quality value for money worldwide delivery services through a range of top carriers in door to door service, air- and sea freight and trucking. Other logistic services we can offer are customs services and bonded warehouse facilities.


Evolve Logistics Limited can support your corporate social responsibility (CSR) from the viewpoint of recycling logistics under our ‘3 R’s slogan ‘Reduce…Reuse…Recycle.’ We respect the concept of a “Evolving service for humanity and the environment.”

For providers of logistics services in the recycling industry, it takes coordination and experience to plan and provide the right containers and carriers. Taking care of the environment and looking toward a material-recycling society and compliance with all relevant regulations is as important for us as is efficient transportation and safety & quality assurance. The catch with providing recycle transportation services is that the solution designed needs to be as efficient as possible to maximize the gains from the actual recycling of materials that are taking place.

Semiconductors & Solar

At Evolve Logistics Limited we do more than simply provide transportation and logistics solutions to the semiconductor industry and optimize your entire value chain and provide equipment logistics and spare parts on an as-needed basis. Our semiconductor supply chain solutions offer customers essential services integrated into the semiconductor backend supply chain saving valuable product cycle time and reducing overall costs.

Firstly, by providing customized and innovative logistics solutions, we allow you to react quickly to the constantly changing demands in your supply chain. Secondly, we prioritize flexibility without ever compromising on quality and reliability. The combination of leading logistics and expertise back end services demonstrates our commitment to semicon and solar industry.

Exhibition & Fine Arts

Evolve Logistics Limted specializes in moving exhibition goods and fine arts.Every shipment is project managed and handled with the utmost care. and temporary shipments require in-depth knowledge, a problem solving attitude and dedicated support at every stage.

We handle all mediums of crafts, including glasswork, textiles and weaving, sculptures of all sizes and materials. Whatever you need moving, anywhere in the world, we can take care of it every step of the way. Our service is designed entirely around your own personal needs

E-mobility and Batteries

At Evolve Logistics Limited provides or organizes proper packaging to ensure safe transport and storage for all kind of batteries: new, used, and even damaged ones. We remain your one-stop solution for the entire battery supply chain.

The e-Mobility market is a fast developing market; the global shift towards green energy and CO2 reduction has a significant impact on the growing demand for electrical vehicles, ranging from the smaller Light Electrical Vehicles (LEV’s), such as e-bikes and electronic forklifts, to electrical vehicles and e-Busses. The supply chain challenge for this type of equipment and machinery faces a particular challenge as the electrical devices, notably the batteries, should be treated as hazardous goods; having an enormous impact on your logistics.