Evolve Logistics Limited understands that whether you transport cargo on a truck, via rail, on a plane or on a sea vessel, professional lashing and securing is imperative.

Even if during all aspects of the transport your cargo is handled with all possible care, it will arrive damaged in case the lashing and securing is not sufficient. At all times this should be done in a reliable and effective way. When your cargo is not secured as it should be, it can cause problems with the stability of all means of transport.

If you do not have the proper material or not the proper knowledge, let us provide you with specialists for the lashing and securing of your cargo. We can handle this wherever you want: at your premises, at the terminal or in one of our warehouses.

Lashing & Securing Services

  • Container ( SOC & LOC) Lashing
  • Flat Rack Lashing
  • Trailer Lashing
  • Breakbulk Lashing
  • Vessels
  • Barges
  • Ro-Ro
  • Mafi